About KV

Kendriya Vidyalaya Bhadrak is a civil sector Vidyalaya established on 15th september,2007 and sponsored by state government. ie- Govt. of Orissa. This Vidyalaya has been set up specially to cater the needs of children of transferable central Govt. employees including Defence Personnel.The quality of teaching is kept reasonably high by an  appropriate teacher-pupil ratio and provision of a suitable portion of teachers with high qualification.

The Kendiya Vidyalaya aims at having not only a common syllabus but also a well prepared syllabus and good text books based on that Syllabus.It is  intended to be equipped with good library, good laboratories including computer laboratories and variety of other useful Co-Curricular activities.The Vidyalaya imparts free education upto class XII (Sc. & Com.).

At present it is having its own permanent building at Korkora Road, SPO- Arnapal, Bhadrak-756116. Now the Vidyalaya is running with 12 classes from class I to XII (Sc. & Comm) with double section in class-I to VII & IX.

About the KV – a brief description about how the KV has progressed since its inception along with the following details:-

  1. Date of opening of the KV.  =15.09.2007

  2. Highest class and the number of sections sanctioned for each class.= XII, Two section from Class I to VII and IX.

  3. Sector (Civil / Defence / Project / I.H.L.)= Civil Sector

  4. District=  Bhadrak,  Odisha

  5. State / U.T.= Odisha

1 The genesis of K.V K.V.Bhadrak was estabilished in the year 2007,coming under civil sector.In 2007,the Vidyalaya started upto class V. At  present ,it has been shifted in its own building w.e.f. 10th July, 2015 At- Korkora Road, SPO- Arnapal, Bhadrak-756116.
2 Important Milestones of Growth


3 Gradual year wise expansion in classes

2007  -- classes I – V      Section One
2008  --- Classes I – VI     Section  One
2009---classes I - VII         Section One

2010--- classes I - VIII    Section one

2011--- classes I - IX   Section one

2012--- classes I- X  Section one

2013--- classes I - X     Section one

2014--- classes I - X    Section one

2015--- classes  I - V   Double section

2016--- classes I - VI Double section

2016--- classes VII - X Single section

2016--- classes XI - XII Science and Commerce Single section

Classes VI - X   Single section

Classes XI (Sc. & Comm.)

2017 --- classes VII & IX double section

4 Details of previous and new campus The Vidyalaya is functioning  in a temporary accommodation provided by the state Govt.However 10 acres of lands has been sanctioned by the state govt.  for construction of permanent school building. The vidyalaya has been shifted in its own new permanent building at Korkora Road, SPO- Arnapal, Bhadrak-756116.
5 Facilities available including games and sports facilities

Sports facility, Indoor games :Carrom,Chess and Table Tenis

Outdoor games:Cricket, Volley ball and badminton